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Pocket WebX / HomeRunner - Purchase - Step 1

  1. Have you successfully downloaded and tested the HomeRunner or Pocket WebX application you are interested in purchasing?
    For Pocket WebX, have you walked around your house and tested Pocket WebX performance from your intended rooms of use?

    For Pocket WebX, make sure you have confirmed that the Pocket WebX software functions properly on your PocketPC and on your
    wireless network. Please solve all software and/or networking issues before purchasing your license.

  2. In a separate web browser window (than this one) connect to your Web Xpander.
    (Click here to open a new window)

  3. Make sure you have the latest Web Xpander firmware installed. The firmware version can be found in the lower
    left corner of each Web Xpander web page. Download the latest version if necessary.

  4. Click the button and scroll to the bottom of the Settings page.

  5. On the row labeled "Pocket WebX / HomeRunner" click the word disabled to display the Web Xpander registration page.

  6. Enter the Serial Number from the Web Xpander registration page:
    (Copy and Paste the serial number)

  7. Click to proceed to the next step.

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