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HomeRunner is a computer software program that turns any image file (photos, drawings, graphics, etc.) into an interactive on-screen display. Although designed for touch screen computers, it can be installed on any computer and easily controlled with a mouse.

HomeRunner lets you use image files (.jpeg, .gif, .bmp) for backgrounds and control buttons to create impressive custom user interfaces. You can even download your favorite skins from the internet and turn them into functional control surfaces in minutes!

For the ultimate in home control convenience, use a floor plan as the background for your main screen, and photos of each room and area of your home as backgrounds for your control screens. Place transparent "control spots" over each device in the photos you want to control. Add graphic control buttons to access frequently used functions such as lighting scenes, security, A/V, thermostat, etc. (Button images can be selected from the built-in library, downloaded from the internet or created from scratch.)

Version 1.2 Released on March 20, 2007 - (Requires WebX firwmare version 2.6h or higher)

Version 1.2 New Features Include:
  • New "Web Buttons" to allow live or static HTML content to be displayed as a button
  • Instant status updates via UDP to immediately indicate changes in device status
  • Commands can be remotely executed (via UDP) from other HomeRunner instances or from Stargate
Version 1.1 New Features Include:
  • Animated gif files can be used for button images to indicate the on state of a device (fans, coffeemaker, etc.).
  • Variable values can be displayed above, below or within a button as well as values for thermostat (temperature), analog inputs, digital inputs (On/Off), flags (set/clear/idle) and relays (On/Off).
  • HomeRunner buttons can be programmed to launch any application. Place a "TV Guide" button on your HomeRunner tv control screen to open Internet Explorer to a tv listings website.
  • Multiple buttons can be edited as a group, allowing font characteristics, button image, size, placement, etc. to be adjusted simultaneously.

Download Software
The HomeRunner program is Free to download and evaluate. The program is written using Microsoft .NET and should operate on any platform that supports the full .NET Framework (Windows PC: Windows 98 and newer).

The program is fully operational to design pages and buttons but will only operate the first of many types of devices (i.e. X10 device A-1, Relay 1, 1st A/V command, Flag 1, etc.)
Purchase and Register Software
To enable full network functionality of the HomeRunner program, you must purchase a HomeRunner Remote Access license for your Web Xpander.

Licensing is per Web Xpander and allows you to run HomeRunner on as many computers as you wish.
Introductory Price: $149.00

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