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Pocket WebX / HomeRunner - Download
The Pocket WebX and HomeRunner programs are Free to download and evaluate. The programs are written using Microsoft .NET and should operate on any platform that supports the .NET Framework (Handheld for Pocket WebX: Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003. Windows PC for Pocket WebX and HomeRunner: Windows 98 and newer).

For each platform (i.e. Desktop PC vs PocketPC) you must First download and install the appropriate Microsoft .NET Framework from Microsoft (links are provided below). You only need to install the Framework once per platform.

Use the setup program below to install Pocket WebX and/or HomeRunner on your desktop or laptop. To copy Pocket WebX to your Pocket PC, first install on your Windows PC and then select "Pocket PC Transfer" from the Configure menu to install the application to your Pocket PC.

Desktop / Laptop Files
PocketPC Files
  • .NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP3  -  Download from Microsoft Here

Web Xpander Files
  • Web Xpander Labeler v1.4.1  14-January-2004 WebXlabel141.zip
    - For transferring your Stargate device labels to the Web Xpander

  • Web Xpander Network Download Utility v1.3  28-Aug-2006 WebXDownload130.zip
    - For downloading Web Xpander Firmware updates via the ethernet connection
      (requires that you already have firmware v1.6 or later)

  • Web Xpander Manual (.pdf and .doc formats) WebXman12.zip

  • Web Xpander Firmware v2.7d  22-Nov-2008 webx_v27d.bin
    (Full Firmware Revision History)

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