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Pocket WebX
Pocket WebX is a computer software program designed specifically for controlling STARGATE (via the Web Xpander) from a Wi-Fi enabled Pocket PC, providing portable and affordable wireless touchscreen control of your home! It operates comfortably without a stylus by simply pressing any of the defined "buttons" with your fingertip.

Pocket WebX can also be installed onto a notebook, laptop, webpad or desktop computer for similar control from anywhere on the network or via the internet! It lets you create custom user interfaces in minutes using its built-in editing features. Any number of "pages" can be created with control "buttons" that can be placed on the page. Each page can be customized with any background color or image (.bmp, .jpg, .gif). Control buttons can be selected from the built-in library, custom created, or made transparent (yet still functional) so only the page background image is seen (pressing the lamp in the picture can turn on the light)!

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HomeRunner is a computer software program that turns any image file (photos, drawings, graphics, etc.) into an interactive on-screen display. Although designed for touch screen computers, it can be installed on any computer and easily controlled with a mouse.

HomeRunner lets you use image files (.jpeg, .gif, .bmp) for backgrounds and control buttons to create impressive custom user interfaces. You can even download your favorite skins from the internet and turn them into functional control surfaces in minutes!

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